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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Props for Taking Photos

It came across my mind the other day that we all have some pretty unique props to use around our homes for taking some fabulous photos of our jewelry.   For fun I thought I might try a few, well, let's say, new approaches that perhaps nobody as tried before! 

First I made this fun little bracelet, and someone in my house was asking to model it when I started photographing it...so I thought...what the heck.  Maybe this will be a new approach to my photos since I have used her fur as a background to some of my pieces!

Well, then the fun kicked in.  Thank goodness she is a fun and willing participant.

These pretty Quartz Rhondelles we just got from Elizabeth (Foret) yesterday, so I didn't make anything with them yet, they are just so pretty!   Don't they make a nice bracelet for Lyric?

And a Nice Crown Too!

Oh...I don't think Lily thinks they make a good crown!   She is looking like a gremlin here rather than the Queen B she usually is!!!!
Well, I am sure you have many of your own little props around your house.  Maybe you too could blog about it.  Maybe this will entice our sales fairy to visit and get a glimpse of our models!  

  This is something I may not post on my ETSY site, but for fun, share with my JET team and Butterfly Team!

So..this is the end of my blog!


  1. This makes me smile so big! I love how they just stood there for the photos!

  2. so cute~ your dog's face in those shots just cracks me up. he seems to be saying, 'will you just do whatever it is you must and let me go, please?' lol

  3. Hahaha how on earth did you keep them still.

  4. Haha that's too funny, mine would never do that.

  5. Oh my gosh, your dog should be in commercials! What a soulful face face and fantastic temperament. Sweetest thing ever.

  6. Aw, too cute! I love the pic of Lyric wearing the crown!

  7. Lyric is such a willing participant as she hardly ever leaves my side. She sees me making the pieces and then photographing them and always wants to get in there...so when she can participate, she's like "alright!!!"

  8. Hilarious!! My dog is on every single package of ours.

  9. Love your prop continue to be creative (are all those pups your and are there two litters or one cool looc